Feb 15, 2013
The Midas Rule doesn't work well with critical decisions that need consensus and agreement from participants.

Examples for when you should avoid claiming Midas Rule:

  • When someone or some group is specifically responsible for a decision
  • Relocating the family, the business, or someone's parking spot
  • When multiple people want different outcomes

If your actions would create an unfair burden on someone else, you're just bullying when saying, "I care so much about this you just have to do it my way." Midas Rule doesn't apply.

Sometimes you might give permission via Midas Rule but multiple people want different outcomes for the same thing:

"Let me choose!"
"No let me choose!"


  • That thing was apparently more important than you had assumed
  • Ideally, get the people to work together. If you care about the process and getting a win-win, then by Midas Rule work it out together, as a team.
  • Add the thing to the List of Things That Midas Rule Doesn't Apply To