Feb 22, 2013
Most project management processes include a step where team members identify things like scope and expectations in addition to the project "deliverables."

Depending on your environment, a deliverable might be called a:

  • Activity
  • Documentation
  • Milestone
  • Requirement
  • Story
  • Task

Who might include either a list of types of things that the Midas Rule applies to or even better, a List of Things That Midas Rule Doesn't Apply To.


  • Your preference for working hours may or may not apply depending on the type of work and work environment
  • Whether you work in person, at a specific location, or remotely from home
  • How you dress, what and where you eat, or who you associate with (note a list of "Midas Rule applies" things could get very long)
The List of Things That Midas Rule Doesn't Apply To, might be better phrased as, "We Need Consensus on These Important Things." Everything else, Midas Rules unless there's a problem.